Frequent Questions

What is Pest Control Exter?

Pest Control Exter is a free service that was created to help homeowners save time and money when looking for a local pest control company.

How Does Your Service Work?

1. Call our 24-hour customer support team. Tell us about your pest problem, availability and the type of work you need done.

2. Our agents will then try to instantly connect you with one of our local pest control specialists to schedule your service.

3. If you decide to proceed, your contractor will provide a firm quote and a course of action needed to solve your pest problem.

Is Pest Control Exter Free?

Pest Control Exter is completely free to use! Our service is paid by the participating partners and service providers in our network, therefore our service is offered at no charge to users. Our support team is passionate about helping homeowners and committed to providing a first-class experience.

Can I Trust Pest Control Exter?

Finding a reliable pest control service can be time consuming and stressful. Pest Control Exter was created to solve this problem. Our mission is simple: To quickly and easily connect you with trusted, local pros.

Over the years, we've helped connect thousands of homeowners with local professionals in the home services industry — And we're confident we can help you too!

Will I Get a Free Estimate?

This will vary depending on the professional. Each of our partners has a different way of conducting business and providing estimates. We recommend that you clarify the process and policies with them before scheduling your service.

That said, many companies charge a service call fee that ranges from $49 to $149. Generally, this fee does NOT include parts, supplies and labor. Typically, the reason for this fee is to help the contractor cover their travel expenses and company overhead.

Where Do You Offer Service?

Our network includes thousands of partners that provide service in most major metropolitan areas in the continental U.S.